Party! Party! Bra Party!

The bra fitting:

I’ve already given information on what happens at a bra fitting in this blog: BraFitting

Now I’m going to give you an idea of what happens when you have a bra fitting with some friends.

The organising:

It’s a good idea to agree a date with your Bra Lady having already mentioned it to your friends or colleagues to agree a few dates which may be suitable. You are more likely to find a date to suit everyone that way. Also don’t leave everything too late, as your Bra Lady will have other customers who also want to claim time in her diary.

While you are consulting about dates with your friends, find out what size bra they are wearing currently, whether they have any issues that may affect the style of bra they wear (for example, post-surgery or mastectomy ladies, ladies with arthritis, ladies who have a preference for specific types of bras such as front fastening or non-underwired) and pass this information onto your Bra Lady. This will help your Bra Lady ensure that she brings along suitable bras for fitting your friends and help to give your friends a better choice.

Consider in advance how you will arrange a private space for the bra fittings. Are you happy to have fittings carried out in your bedroom, do you have a spare bedroom that could be used, or is your dining room suitable?

Think about providing some refreshments for your friends and your Bra Lady. There will be a lot of talking taking place and soft drinks will be very welcome for those that would like to ‘wet their whistle’ every now and then. Maybe consider putting some ‘nibbles’ out if there are a number of people coming along. It helps to keep the party going!

You may have an introduction on the structure of a bra, how bras should fit and where people go wrong. You may have activities organised by your BraLady to demonstrate the benefits of a correctly fitted bra to you and your friends. BraLady may also give you advice on how to care for your bra to extend its life.

Ms K before Bra Fitting
Before a bra fitting, stickers on clothes show how the current bra fits
Ms K after Bra Fitting
After the bra fitting, new stickers show how the new bra lifts the breasts into the correct position and making the body look slimmer

As your Bra Lady will be spending a lot of time in the ‘other room’ and popping back and forth to the main room now and then, make sure that your friends have something in common and can chat together over the Bra brochures or other topics as preferred. Once they have been fitted, your friends can order bras from a selection of high quality products.

The goods:

Ensure that your friends are aware of the essentials of the bra fitting. They will need to pay for their fitting, their bras and wait for the delivery once your Bra Lady has submitted her order to BraLady. Your Bra Lady may agree to distribute the bras to your friends individually or  may simply deliver them to you for your friends. It is a good idea to agree this with your friends and your Bra Lady at the party.

The follow-up:

You and your friends are wise to ask your BraLady for an appointment in 6-8 months time, or if you prefer ask her to contact you with a reminder nearer the time.

How did it go:

Your BraLady would certainly appreciate your feedback. It is possible to do this in person, or you may like to leave yours on-line (ask your BraLady if you are interested in doing this).


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