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I’m not an expert in anything, but living life to the best of my ability and making sure I spend quality time with my family including my pet dog Impi (a Border Terrier).

I live in North Yorkshire in England, UK and enjoy my work at a local school.

BraLady posts are the ones dedicated to when I used to do bra fittings for ladies in the county of North Yorkshire. I don’t do that anymore.

If you enjoy the things I write about, please share them, if not, please let me know why.



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3 thoughts on “About me

  1. Sally Sandiford

    Hi Julie,

    Thanks for sharing your experiences. I had lipomodelling yesterday and its great to read about how it was for you. There is still so little information on the procedure even two years after you had it. I was just wondering how things are for you now? Any changes any different thoughts?

    Many thanks

  2. Sue


    I have been offered lipomodelling to help the scarring on my right breast after surgery in 2005. I know this is a long time but until I got the the 5yr all clear mark I couldn’t even think about any corrective surgery.

    I now have 2 weeks “cooling off” period.. bit like when you take out insurance.. you have 2 weeks to change your mind lol.

    After the 2 weeks I have to sign the consent forms if I want to go ahead… ah now that is the question. I have done some research online .. found pros and cons… and am still not sure what to do.

    At the moment I have a badly crinkled scar on the top of my breast and a dent underneath. The overall size is smalled than my other breast but not so much so that it is obvious to the eye when wearing most clothes. I avoid stripes as this shows the difference up much more!!!

    I can wear reasonable low cut clothes.. without the scar showing. I have to be careful though as some styles make it more obvious that there is less bulk on one side. All in all I can get away with it most of the time…. therefore its a case of.. if it aint broke dont fix it!

    However there still remains the horrible scar… and part of me would like it to not look quite so bad… this is the part that wants the op…

    So having read your blog I just wondered… if you had to start again .. from the start.. well would you? Or would you say that after the surgery to remove the cancer..enough is enough.. and I wish I hadnt started a new round of treatment…

    It is so hard to decide what to do…

    1. Hi there,
      I will write a blog to let others know what I think, but as you are so near to your decision horizon, I thought it best to reply to you now!
      I would go through it again. But I would ask more questions along the way rather than going away and researching them myself.
      If you have access to telephoning your team, make use of it.
      I’m really happy with my results. Happy enough to live with them if i decide not to go any further in 3 months time at my review appointment.
      I haven’t got perfection, but then I now know that every woman has unequal breasts – since training as a bra fitter and specialising in mastectomy bras. That in itself has helped me alot.
      I do hope that my reply has helped you.
      Good luck with your decision making. I wish you all the best.
      Take care
      Julie x

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