Wahl dog guillotine claw clippers

I bought these as a last ditch attempt to keep my dog’s claws trimmed. I had been using human nail clippers but they were not easy. My dog has a phobia about her paws being touched, so would run away and hide as soon as she saw the clippers. On the occasions when I did clip her claws she would scramble and try to climb over my shoulders to get away from the clippers. When examining the performance of the human nail clippers (which used a pincer cutting style) the nail was not cut in the correct manner for dogs nails and on occasions did cause the nail to split.

I have made do over my dogs life by leaving long spells of not clipping her nails and then trying to get her used to the human nail clippers, this hasn’t worked for either of us.
I was really anxious about switching to guillotine claw clippers because they didn’t look easy to use and I wasn’t sure how to use them, either. I bought a set locally and looked up online for information on how best to use them. Then set about trimming her claws with a guillotine clipper and it was okay, but! The clippers made a loud click when I used them, just like the pincer nail clippers, so I had the same ‘run away’ problem. Then the problems started, the clippers were made of plastic and the pivot was devised from two plastic lugs on one handle inserted into the opposing handle. Because my dogs nails are very hard I had to apply a fair amount of force to guillotine her claws and the lugs would pop out, locking the handles in the closed position, with a loud ‘clack’! This of course frightened my dog and increased her fear of having anything done to her paws, and more running away. I did manage to get my money back on those.
To the guillotine clippers in the title then, these were an Amazon add-on item, so I felt comfortable giving dog nail management another final attempt. They arrived quickly (thanks to Amazon Prime) and were well packaged. They are made entirely of metal (from what I can see anyway) and they are comfortable to hold in the hand.

Having tested them on my dog I am able to clip two of her nails before she leaves me, they do not make a loud noise – in fact they are quite quiet, and she doesn’t hide or run away, she just moves away and sits staring at me (waiting for a treat).

I am able to shave off a thin sliver of nail or snip off a nail as needed. 

The clippers are comfortable in my hand (if you want an idea of how big my hands are in the photos, the span across my palm is 8cm just above the base of my thumb) and easy to manipulate, making me feel more confident in clipping my dogs nails and therefore able to accomplish the task more easily. I’m really glad that I took one final chance on guillotine clippers.
I got mine here [click on the image]:


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