A Child Made to Order by Piotr Ryczko

“After all, she had the tendency to forget one simple fact: She was at Aftenposten on separate terms than most. She was the daughter of the chief editor. Maybe it was time to curb her gullibility.”

I figured this book would be a thriller-mystery type book, with some sleuthing from the main character to draw out the story.

The story was actually very deep, with many facets to it. The main character is Viola, a journalist on a family newspaper, her family’s newspaper. She is about to become the Middle East correspondent for that same paper as we join Viola at her celebration party.

Before Viola can really get into the swing of the party she receives a visitor, who make Viola think deeply about a previous story that she became very involved in.
From there we are introduced to Viola’s partner, Ronny, who, it seems, will do anything for her. If only Viola can hold on to him.
Of course, that is as long as Viola’s mother Anne doesn’t stick her oar in, as she is wont to do. Viola’s shrink had already told to get out of her mothers grip!

The upshot of her mid-party visit launches Viola into a personal crusade to find out what happened to a missing video blogger. She undergoes doubts and recriminations; fear and trepidation, as she makes her choices that WILL have a major impact on her career and personal life.

Her partner, Ronny, has his own story running through the book and I just wanted them to TALK to each other. But when do people do that , when they most need to, not often.

The story has an urgency to it, as at every turn there is a race against the clock. This kept me reading, even when I wanted to turn off the light and close my eyes!

I’m not going to comment on how the book was written or anything, because when I’m reading I don’t necessarily think about such things unless they are obvious, so why discuss it if it doesn’t impinge on the reading.

I received an e-ARC of this novel from the author in exchange for a fair and honest review.

4/5 Stars (What this means…five-stars-applied-carefully)

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Official description:
A finely-crafted psychological suspense thriller set in Norway’s capital city, Oslo, that will appeal to fans of Stieg Larsson. 

When a women’s fertility rights campaigner, Marianne Stine, mysteriously disappears, it hardly reaches the news. Only investigative journalist Viola Voss, harried by the blogger’s mother, shows any interest in finding out what happened to the young woman. Yet years pass and there is no further sign of Marianne.

However, on the eve of taking up a prestigious senior post in Norway’s largest newspaper, Voss is once again reminded of Marianne’s disappearance. In fact, Voss is soon presented with a tantalising clue that not only is Marianne alive, she has a healthy young child.

Part of Voss’s fascination with Marianne is because they share the same rare genetic condition that would be passed on to their children. Haunted by having lost her own child due to this hereditary disease, Voss determines – against the strong wishes of her own over-powering mother – to put her new job on hold, try to find Marianne, and an explanation.

Enlisting the help of an ex-police sergeant, the clues point to a fertility clinic on the outskirts of town. But this is where Voss’s problems begin. The clinic’s claim of a 100% fertility treatment success rate is beguiling and, with her inner world in turmoil, she decides to take a risk that will force her to confront her own fears, deal with her loss and decide between right and wrong. 

If you enjoy psychological mysteries with intense drama, look no further than A CHILD MADE TO ORDER 

The issue of genetic manipulation of human embryos, of children literally made to order, is increasingly becoming one of the most important ethical and medical issues of our time. With delicacy, and emotional sensitivity, the author makes you think about the matter like you never have before, in a novel where the tension increases on every page, and ends with a stunning climax. 

Piotr Ryczko is a Polish/Norwegian writer and film maker. A CHILD MADE TO ORDER is his first novel.

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