Defective by Autumn Kalquist

“As she fixed her cuff, she touched her wrist where her Protected ID tag was embedded. The slim silicone disc shifted back and forth beneath her light brown skin, a dead giveaway that she was genetically modified.”

I have read this story before, but it has been reworked since i first read the initial draft, and is better for it. But don’t think that it wasn’t a good story to start with, it was superb.
Selene is special and so is her brother Eli. They live with their Nan, off-grid, so that no-one can find them. They scratch out an existence, growing their own food and keeping to themselves.
Then Selene decides to sell some spare food at the road-side, the buyers take her entire offering and pay with (unknown to Selene) marked bits. That means that when Selene tries to spend the bits, they are flagged in the store. She gets away and runs on home with Eli.
Meanwhile, the resistance against the mega corporations are fighting a tough battle in the quarantine zone, not knowing if they will survive the conflict.
Anders is conflicted with his father and sneaks off to his uncle’s when he can. But no-one seems to want to treat him like an adult. All he wants to do is make life difficult for the corporations who control everything. 

I really like Autumn’s creation. It seems a likely world and there are all the human conflicts that you would expect in a realistic construct. I have read some of her other books and found them to be equally enjoyable. A thoroughly recommended series to read.

I received an e-ARC of this novel from the author in exchange for a fair and honest review.

4/5 Stars (What this means…five-stars-applied-carefully)

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Official description:
What if you could be immune to any disease?
Genetic modification. Global warming. Pandemics. Famine. Economic collapse. In the early twenty-first century, governments failed worldwide, and humanity entered a dark age. From the wreckage, the Corporate Coalition rose with new hope for humanity and lofty promises to create a better world for all. 

One of their first experiments: Protecteds. Genetically modified children, immune to the diseases that wiped out billions. But something went wrong, and the defective Protecteds have been hunted and imprisoned for eight long years.

Bas is a Protected fighting the Coalition in an underground rebellion. When their top agent goes missing in a mysterious quarantine zone in Georgia, Bas and his team must rescue him… or ensure his secrets die with him.

Selene and her little brother Eli are Protecteds hiding out in Telmont, Georgia, and the quarantine has brought soldiers to their doorstep. Selene will do anything necessary to protect her family… but she’d rather die than give up her freedom. 

Anders hates the Coalition more than anyone else in Telmont, and he’s willing to break the law to fight back. One problem: his dad’s the local Coalition sheriff.

Katherine Raines runs the Coalition and knows what’s really in the quarantine zone… and she’s willing to sacrifice anyone and anything to ensure it never gets out.

Defective is book one of the Fractured Era series.

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