The Forgotten Tale (The Accidental Turn Series, Book 2) by J M Frey

“The Sigil is there, and yes, there is a Star-stone that Fell from the Sky, the Scale from the Siren’s Lover, and the Compass that Never Points Home, all speckled with the Blood of He Who Calls. And all on a Hearth that Warms the Shadow.”

I understand that Forsyth and Lucy will go back to Hain and set out on a further adventure in order to prevent books disappearing from existence completely. I wonder what the journey will involve and whether it will engage me.

Forsyth has made a life in the world of his new wife. He has a daughter and a job that he enjoys. Though there is one person who spoils things for him, Elgar Reed.

But then Forsyth doesn’t have to worry about the Writer, because books have started to ‘pop’ out of existence and he and his family have ‘popped’ back to Hain!

Now they have to ‘quest’ to save both worlds and solve the riddle of why all the stars are disappearing.

Forsyth’s nephew , Wyndham, doesn’t seem overjoyed to see his uncle and remains mute throughout any attempts to engage him in conversation. Perhaps he resents Forsyth being around?

And Beval he just seems to bellow at Wyndham, why? Poor Wyndham!

Families are such difficult things to understand, especially when you don’t get to see them for a while. And then of course if that whole family gets thrown into an adventure, well it just makes sorting it out a bit more difficult, or easier!

Basically, it’s a good story, with twists and turns and introduced characters who are the ones like in Star Trek that you know are going to die! But overall it is a good story and I enjoyed it. I know that the post script has left an opening for a further story, but if it doesn’t happen, I won’t mind as I felt that this book wrapped things up nicely.

I preferred the writing style of this book over that of the first one. So the author is obviously getting settled in to their style. Well done and I toast your world building. The book is definitely worth reading, but I feel that you, the reader, may need to read the first book to get the full benefit of the tale. So read that first and tolerate any excesses you find there.

I received an e-ARC of this novel through NetGalley in exchange for a fair and honest review. NetGalley does not allow for paid reviews.

4/5 Stars (What this means…five-stars-applied-carefully)

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Official description:
Forsyth Turn has finally become a hero—however reluctantly. But now that Lucy Piper has married him and they’ve started a family in her world, his adventuring days are behind him. Yet not all is as it should be. Beloved novels are disappearing at an alarming rate, not just from the minds of readers like Pip, but from bookshelves as well. Almost as if they had never been. Almost like magic.

Forsyth fears that it is his fault—that Pip’s childhood tales are vanishing because he, a book character, has escaped his pages. But when he and Pip are sucked back into The Tales of Kintyre Turn against their will, they realize that something much more deadly and dire is happening. The stories are vanishing from Forsyth’s world too. So Forsyth sets out on a desperate journey across Hain to discover how, and why, the stories are disappearing… before their own world vanishes forever.

In this clever follow-up to The Untold Tale, The Forgotten Tale questions what it means to create a legacy, and what we owe to those who come after us.

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