Finder (First Ordinance, #1) by Connie Suttle

“I began growing what the palace physician called bone spurs on my shoulder blades, and he ordered them cut away using the same nipping tool the smiths used to trim horses’ hooves. The procedure is quite painful, leaving my back sore for weeks.”

I didn’t know what to expect from this book, other than that it was about a girl who would be important in a dying land. A fantasy book, which would take me away for a while.

Finder is a girl working in the kitchens, she is mute and as a result is mostly ignored, as long as she gets her work done. And her work usually involves the grotty jobs that no-one else wants to do.

Finder comes to the notice of those above her and get’s her name as a result, when she starts finding things. It comes out in the open when Lord Yeovil ‘loses’ his purse and Irdith pushes her forward as someone who can find it for him. Finder senses that no good will come of this but does as commanded (she has no choice), the resultant death of the thief Erdin was horrible to witness despite her premonition!

Then Prince Amlis hears of her and things change completely for Finder. Life continues down a different route for her and she ends up getting into all sorts of adventures.

The story is intriguing and takes amazing turns. It certainly warrants reading and I think the rest of the series will as well. It is well written and engaging.

4/5 Stars (What this means…five-stars-applied-carefully)

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Official description:
A dead god.

A dying world.

A girl never meant to be sentient.

Siriaa is dying. A poison is spreading throughout the planet and none know how to neutralize it. Finder, working in King Tamblin’s castle kitchen most of her life, has never spoken. A child of questionable parentage, Finder is an orphan assigned to perform duties nobody else wants.

While others plan intrigue, murder and invasion to escape the poison’s effects, Finder watches all in mute acceptance. Will she be the key to Siriaa’s salvation, or will it die about her, without knowing why?


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