All is not forgotten by Wendy Walker

“Her hair was wet when they found her.”

I knew the book was about an attack on a young girl and the effects it had on her, from the description. I just didn’t know the details.

The book is a third person narrated book, which works very well for this story. I don’t want to spoil the plot for anyone, which does make writing this review a bit difficult.  All I can do is tell you how I felt, I guess. I felt intrigued and followed the narrative as the story progressed, totally engrossed. I was reading about the entanglement of lives in Fairview and how some private elements were impacting on the story, how someone needed them to be cleared away.
It was near to the end of the book that I started  to feel uncomfortable, though the start of the book was pretty full on – straight in to the details of the attack. I am still not sure if I would have chosen to read this book, if I had truly known how it was going to pan out. I think it depends a lot on who you are.

This is a really good book for this who like “The Woods” by Harlen Coben.

I received an e-ARC of this novel through NetGalley in exchange for a fair and honest review. NetGalley does not allow for paid reviews.

4/5 Stars I have struggled to rate this book, it was a page turner, but I was not sure whether it was a book I would want to read. That said, I think I will rate based on the quality of the story and not my own preferences, therefore a ‘four’, because it was a page turner (worth a 5), BUT I would usually have given this a 3 because it is a book with a good story, but not quite a 4 which I would call an extremely enjoyable read, normally. (What this means…five-stars-applied-carefully)

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Official description:
Jenny’s wounds have healed.
An experimental treatment has removed the memory of a horrific and degrading attack.
She is moving on with her life.

That was the plan. Except it’s not working out.
Something has gone. The light in the eyes. And something was left behind. A scar. On her lower back. Which she can’t stop touching.
And she’s getting worse.
Not to mention the fact that her father is obsessed with finding her attacker and her mother is in toxic denial.

It may be that the only way to uncover what’s wrong is to help Jenny recover her memory. But even if it can be done, pulling at the threads of her suppressed experience will unravel much more than the truth about her attack.

And that could destroy as much as it heals.


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