Preserving Hope (The Aliomenti Saga – Book 2) by Alex Albrinck

Started 23 June 2016 | Finished 26 June 2016

“…our mission is one which cannot be shared outside these walls. It promises to be one full of personal growth and enrichment, beyond what you could possibly imagine. Would you be interested in living in that fashion?”

What I expected:
I recently read book 1 of this series and found it to be an interesting story. I expected this book to be about Will’s life with his wife and the development of the Aliomenti society during his time with her.

What it was:
Well, what a surprise! This book was totally not what I expected it to be, though that is not a bad thing. The story gripped me. It had me coming back to pick up where I left off, each time having read much more than I had intended, before putting the book down to go about my daily life.
In essense, Will arrives back in the youth of Elizabeth, to find her a slave to those living the village in which she was born. He sets about finding a way to free her from this life of servitude and oppression.
Will had previously promised those who sent him to this time, that he would not use his skills to hurt anyone, but at times he finds keeping his promise difficult, once he discovers the conditions under which she is living.
I will certainly be reading book 3, I have it ready to start already, and I am looking forward to resuming Will’s journey. For those who think they may want to read this book, I recommend that you read book 1 (A question of Will) first. Then definitely read this one.

5/5 Stars (What this means…five-stars-applied-carefully)

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Official description:
It was his mission to save her life.
But first… he’d need to convince her that hers was a life worth saving.

Will Stark finds himself on a mission. He must use his new Energy abilities – abilities long thought the realm of magic by humanity – and his army of self-aware nanobots to save the life of a young woman named Elizabeth.

Elizabeth is treated as if she is a slave, forced to endure all manner of human testing to find the method to unlock all human potential. It is treatment encouraged by a man named Arthur – her father – and it is her fondest wish that her father treat her as his beloved child rather than a piece of property. She refuses to leave until she’s reformed him, for she believes that if he cannot change, she herself is predestined to be a monster, and a person not worthy of living.

She’ll fight to change Arthur, with Will’s help, until she succeeds.

Or until she’s buried next to her mother, who sought the same reform – and was murdered for trying.


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