Cooking for Chemo …and After! by Chef Ryan Callahan

What I expected:
I was expecting a book that gave me guidance on how to feed someone undergoing chemotherapy. 

What it was:
The author aims this book at caregivers, family and friends.
If the reader is familiar with using America recipes, foodstuffs and measures then this book may be appropriate, otherwise it may lie unused on a bookshelf.
Personally, I feel that it is a good idea to prepare the mindset of the food preparer by reading the book in advance of any chemotherapy. So that they are prepared. This book is NOT only a recipe book. It is also a guide on how to tempt patients to eat with flavours and textures.
However, some of the measurements are not easily understood, for example I don’t know what 1 stick of butter is and I haven’t a clue what a breakfast sausage would be. Plus, I don’t know where I would get Kosher Salt from, nor corn muffin mix. And, some of the other ingredients I do not understand as they are americanised, for example cilantro, chuck roast, round roast, London broil or beef round.
I would not be able to comment on mistakes in nutritional information or recipes as I do not have the expertise.
Kosher Salt is one of the items mentioned in the book. I had not come across this before. It is in fact similar to Sea Salt but with a finer grain structure. This structure is important in how the salt flavours, and sticks to, food.
There was no glossary to help with this book, if I didn’t know it, it was a case of googling it.
I struggled from the outset with reading this book as it is printed entirely in block capitals and a non-standard font.
However, I found it interesting to read about the structure of the flavours and tastes in the food. But once I got to the recipes, the non-familiarity of the measures and food-types turned me completely off even attempting any of the recipes.
I found the information about flavours and how they interact very interesting. I feel more inclined to have a go at cooking myself, but not with the recipes given.
In summary, as previously mentioned, reading block capitals is not easy and I found this irritating, plus I struggled with the American food descriptions and measures. I could not use this book as a cooking aid.
The fifth chapter – the recipes section is divided into 6 categories, with extra information at the beginning of each category. The recipes are apparently ordered on how a chemo patient can tolerate the heaviness of foods. 

2/5 Stars (What this means…five-stars-applied-carefully)

Get your copy:
Cooking for Chemo …and After!: A how-to-cook cookbook that teaches you how to adjust your cooking for chemotherapy patients

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Official description:
Cooking for Chemo …and After!: A how-to-cook cookbook that teaches you how to adjust your cooking for chemotherapy patients


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