Courage and Regret

COURAGE is being afraid, but doing it anyway

I think I made this quote up many years ago in my youth, but having searched for it to be sure, I find someone else has also used it in a (fairly) recently published book (which I haven’t read, so cannot comment on):
The Dark Arts of Immortality : Transformation through War, Sex, & Magic

I still think that personally I came up with it first though, as I have been using it as a way of living for many many years (I can recollect back to the 1990’s, possibly earlier).

REGRET is looking back and wishing you had the courage to do something you wanted to do, BUT DIDN’T!

I have also tried to ensure that I don’t have regrets as I get older. I certainly have at least one, which is from my pre-teen years.

I had the opportunity to slide down a fire-station pole and though I really wanted to, I didn’t have the nerve. I regretted it from the moment the word “NO” first started to form on my lips.

I have never had the opportunity since, but if I ever do, I shall rectify that old moment of fear and take the opportunity BOLDLY and slide down that fire-pole.

I have since done things that I have been afraid of doing and been glad that I did, such as abseiling down the side of a hotel in York (UK) for charity. I didn’t enjoy it at the time, but I look back and do not have regret.

I can recall being told how BRAVE I was. At the time I was living with the consequences of being diagnosed with cancer and the treatment that went along with it. But it wasn’t true! I wasn’t being brave, I had no choice! I just had to deal with what life was throwing at me. I guess I was afraid (of what the outcome would be, of maybe dying), but I was not ‘doing it anyway’, I was ‘doing it because I had to’!

What I think I’m trying to say is: Live Life to the full. Live Boldly, but with Kindness. And be honest about your own Courage. Avoid Regret as you travel through Life.


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