The Other Me by Saskia Sarginson

What I expected:

I expected Eliza to be younger in the book and possibly someone who had committed a heinous crime. She hadn’t, but…

What it was:

Maybe Eliza thought her back-history was the equivalent of a heinous crime. The book certainly starts with her contemplating the committing of one. Maybe it’s her upbringing, but she seems to have a totally skewed outlook on life and makes choices that push her further away from what she wants. There is a second story running alongside the main Eliza/Klaudia one, describing the youth of her Father and his brother, as they struggle through the war years. This adds texture to the main story and maybe a little more tension to what is happening. Overall there seems to be a pall of sadness hanging over Klaudia’s entire family, was the war the cause of all this, or is it just human nature? Will Klaudia ever be happy, only time will tell.

There were points in the book where I didn’t want to read what was happening, as it was about atrocities that took place during the war and they were frankly horrible. Nonetheless I liked the way the book was constructed and the story kept me reading on to find out where each thread lead.

It starts as it means to go on, you won’t be disappointed! I would definitely recommend this to a friend.

I received an e-ARC of this novel through NetGalley in exchange for a fair and honest review. NetGalley does not allow for paid reviews.

4/5 Stars

Official description:

Eliza Bennet has the life she’s always dreamed of. She’s who she wants to be, and she’s with the man she loves.

But Eliza is living a lie. Her real name is Klaudia Myer. And Klaudia is on the run. She’s escaping her old life, and a terrible secret buried at the heart of her family.

This is the story of Eliza and Klaudia – one girl, two lives and a lie they cannot hide from.

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The Other Me


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