Elora of Stone (Legend of Rhyme Series Volume 1 Book 1)

What I expected:

The book was for a much younger age group than I had anticipated, so once I started reading it I had to adjust my expectations somewhat. The story was written for very young children, possibly as bedtime reading material. Not something that I would ever choose to read normally. 

What it was:

In the end I enjoyed the story, as long as I remembered to ignore the level the book was written at.

The story is based in the land of Rhyme and opens with the goblin Grimblerod setting out on a task for his master. This sets the backdrop to the story and introduces magic to the listener.

It is quite a short tale, but introduces quite a lot a characters along the way, as it covers a number of generations of the families in the story. A good way of introducing the concept of hereditary attributes to young children I think.

And there is a twist in the tale at the end – this is telegraphed quite early in the story, but for the age group the story is aimed at, I doubt they would pick up on it.

All in all a nice little story for young children. I’ve given it a 3 because I wouldn’t have read it if I’d realised the age group it was aimed at and found it too immature for me. But for little ones it is probably nearer a 4. Having said all that, I am tempted to read the next book, just to find out what happens next! 

I received an e-ARC of this novel through NetGalley.
The reviewer received this electronic galley from NetGalley in exchange for a fair and honest review. NetGalley does not allow for paid reviews.

3/5 Stars

Official description:-

Four-year-old Asher Caine vanishes while playing near the woods one day with his sister Ariana. Eventually, his family believes him to be dead.
In the Kingdom of Falmoor, twins are cursed. Ever since the evil sorcerer Larque turned the good witch Elora to stone, all twins in the Kingdom are doomed to separate, either through death or mysterious disappearances.

Now about to turn thirteen, Ariana learns that her brother is alive, and she must find him in order to save Falmoor. With their magic blood and powerful bond, the Caine twins must release Elora from her stone imprisonment. Only then will Larque be stopped from spreading darkness throughout the kingdom.

Will the twins find each other in time? Can they save Falmoor from evil and remove the curse of the twins forever?

The books is available here:-

Elora of Stone: The Legend of Rhyme Series (Volume 1, Book 1)


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