Better World by Autumn Kalquist

A better world awaits.

Not everyone believes, someone thinks it is better to leave via an airlock.
Maeve is full of darkness inside and wants release out in the darkness of space beyond the ship.
And it’s her 18th birthday!

I do so like Autumn’s stories, she makes them so real; bearing in mind they are set hundreds of years in the futures and hundreds of light years from Earth.

Although it is not the first book written in the Legacy Code series, it is chronologically the first in the series. Although I don’t think it matters what order you read the books in, as each is a self-contained tale.

This is definitely a book I will recommend to a friend, and to you too.

I received an e-ARC of this novel from the author In exchange for an honest review. 

4/5 stars

More about the series:
Better World
Legacy Code (Book One)
Paragon (Book Two)

Short Stories
Fractured Era Archives: 318
Fractured Era Archives: Decode
Legacy Code: Origin

Official description:
The last humans spent centuries searching for a new Earth. Now they face extinction.

For three hundred years, arks have carried the last remnants of humanity through dark space. The ships are old, failing, and every colonist must do their duty to ensure the fleet’s survival.

Maeve is a metalworker, toiling in the blistering sublevels of the London. She’s lost friends and family to the hazardous work conditions and fears every job she’s assigned could be her last. All she wants is a little control over her life, but the oppressive sublevel enforcers ensure that’s not an option.

Now, after decades of traveling, the ships have finally reached their destination: Soren, a toxic planet that may have the resources they desperately need. But mining a planet comes at a price, and Maeve and the other workers will be expected to pay it with their lives.

If a better world awaits, Maeve’s sure to be dead long before the fleet finds it… unless she finds a way to control her destiny and change it.

Available from:-
Better World (Fractured Era Series Book 1)

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