Grumpy Old Wizards by John O’Riley

I don’t know what I really expected from this book, I wasn’t sure whether it was intended for young adults or an older age group. I decided to try it anyway.

The premise of the book is that our world has become awash with those who have magic abilities of varying degrees, following a ‘disaster’ fifty years ago. Wizards (those with magic) are graded from 1 upwards, with those of Level 6 being held in check by enchanted rings. Josephine O’Conner is one of those with Level 6 and must assist the police when required as part of the duties of a Level 6 wizard.

I did get engaged with the plot once I got past the writing style, which seemed to be that of a younger author, and enjoyed the story-telling, which is the important thing! It is different in that all of the population has some element of magic potential in them, it depends on their genetics and ability as to what they can do. However, being a higher level wizard is not necessarily such a good thing due to the restraints and responsibilities placed on such individuals. All of this makes for a good tale, regardless of the writing style.

The storyline is interesting enough and in the main I enjoyed the tale. I did find that the standard of literature let the story-telling down somewhat though, hence the lower star rating.

2/5 Stars

Official description:- Fifty years after the Disaster, the world is vastly different from days of old. Wizardry is the norm and magical talent is categorized. Josephine O’Connor, an eighty-four-year-old with a penchant for off-beat antics, is a category six, which means she possesses magical powers as rare as they are unsettling and a talent for psychometry that is so strong and acute that she can read the psychic impressions in a room without touching anything.

With her unique physiology, she’s over 80 years of age and still gets carded at R-rated movies. Most of the time it’s flattering but it can sometimes be a nuisance. For the most part, Josephine spends her days like any other retirement community member. She plays cards with friends, attends get-togethers, and occasionally visits the beach until she is called upon by the police to investigate a crime scene left behind by a suspect with powers equal to her own.

Now the race is on. Can an out-of-practice wizard marshal her abilities and catch a menace before he becomes so powerful even she can’t stop him?

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Grumpy Old Wizards


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