Decode: Fractured Era Archives by Autumn Kalquist

What I expected: 

With this book I had no pre-conceived ideas as by now I am used to Autumn producing books that are totally unexpected and original. 

 What it was: 

Avia Sherman is a scientist and Doctor Phan has control of her ‘Protected Project’ funding. Doctor Phan wants Avia to join his team on a new case, but Avia just wants to work on her project, to try and complete it before Infinitek cut her funding.
There is a lot of story packed into this short novella. It took me about an hour to read it on a long train journey and I was taken away from it all into this world of genetic manipulation and dying children.
The story describes what the world could be like if humanity starts playing about with genetic modification in humans. There is good and bad in everything- you decide!
I did enjoy the story, but I felt rushed at the end, probably because time was running out within the story!
If you have read any of Autumn’s other stories and enjoyed them, I’m sure you will enjoy this one as much as the others. If you haven’t yet started with Autumn’s different series, make sure that you read this one!

Suggested Reading Order:

1.) Legacy Code Series: Legacy Code and Paragon.
2.) Defect #1 and #2 (Short prequel novellas)
3.) Short stories “Decode” and “318″ (Available individually or in anthologies.) 

 4/5 Stars 

 Official synopsis:

A Defect and Legacy Code Prequel Novelette.
Each story in the Fractured Era Archives reveals the truth behind the mysteries hinted at in the bestselling Fractured Era series.

Disease ravages humanity, killing millions across the globe. Haunted by the loss of her son to the deadly illness, geneticist Avia Sherman must find the strength to keep going. To find a cure.

It’s called The Protected Project. To save mankind, Avia must find the missing key to create superimmunity in unborn children… before the world plunges into desolation.

This is a short story (40 pages) and originally appeared in The Telepath Chronicles anthology.

Decode is a short story about Avia Sherman, the scientist who created the Protecteds. “318″ (also reviewed) is a short story about the Protected camps.


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