Poseidon’s Wake (Poseidon’s Children #3) by Alastair Reynolds

What I expected:

I have already read the first two stories in the series and really enjoyed them, I have been eagerly awaiting the third.  When I originally requested the e-ARC copy I hadn’t realised that this was the third book, so I am really looking forward to reading this.

I expect it to continue in the advanced future, tracking the legacy of the Akinya family, left by Eunice, and including the development of Geoffrey’s beloved elephants. The previous two books were not strictly linked in the normal sense where the same characters continue the story, which didn’t detract from the tale for me. I expect this story to be equally different, but still reference Eunice and the elephants, perhaps.
And I believe Eunice might still have a trick or two up her sleeve as well!

What it was:
A thoroughly comprehensive follow-up to the first two books. I would most definitely recommend that readers do read the other two books first to give context and a sense of time and place to this story.  Having said that it would be entirely possible to read it as a stand-alone, if you really wanted.
The story tracks Kanu Akinya and Goma Akinya, along with their companions, on their separate journeys from their lives on Mars and Crucible respectively. The elephants, or Tantors as they are known following their enhancement, make an early appearance in the book, hooray.
A summoning message is received from Gliese 163 and the journey begins of the various parties, across space and in time.
The tale is a long and twisting one, that I have no intention of spoiling for others by recounting.
I thoroughly enjoyed it, I like the scientific aspect of Alastair Reynolds’ books even if I don’t always grasp the technological ideas. I like the idea that humanity could have it in it to reach out and travel the universe. The characters had a realism to them, even the non-humans, that made the reading more compelling! Not everyone is who you think they are (as with many a tale). And I enjoyed visiting the Akinya family again, following the activities of the descendants and their links with the Tantors. Also, Eunice did not disappoint me!
I received an e-ARC of this novel through NetGalley.
4/5 Stars

Official description:
This novel is a stand-alone story which takes two extraordinary characters and follows them as they, independently, begin to unravel some of the greatest mysteries of our universe.
Their missions are dangerous, and they are all venturing into the unknown … and if they can uncover the secret to faster-than-light travel then new worlds will be at our fingertips.
But innovation and progress are not always embraced by everyone. There is a saboteur at work. Different factions disagree about the best way to move forward. And the mysterious Watchkeepers are ever-present.
Completing the informal trilogy which began with BLUE REMEMBERED EARTH and ON THE STEEL BREEZE, this is a powerful and effective story.

Get your copy:
Poseidon’s Wake (Poseidons Children 3)


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