318: Fractured Era Archives by Autumn Kalquist

“Humans destroy what they can’t control and are terrified of what they don’t understand.” What an insightful opening to a short story.
Then the main character “318” tells us how much hate she has for them! 

318 is a “Protected”  and has super-immunity, which is what got her to where she is now. And once she meets Monroe, she wants out. But there is something else for her to do first!

The author packs a lot into a short story and I’d certainly like to know more about what happens to 318 in any follow-on novels. I liked how the history to the main character was put across and how the supporting characters were introduced. The ‘coldness’ of some of the characters came over really well for me.

This book would suit people who want a quick read of a story that they can find engaging, but one that won’t take them several weeks to plough through. 

The novel precedes the Defect series of novellas and the recommended reading order for the series is:- 

 1) Legacy Code Series: Legacy Code and Paragon. 

2) Defect #1 and #2 (Short prequel novellas) 

3) Short stories “Decode” and “318″ 

4/5 stars 

 Official synopsis:-
A Defect and Legacy Code Prequel Short Story. 
Each story in the Fractured Era Archives reveals the truth behind the mysteries hinted at in the bestselling Fractured Era series. 

No one knows what really goes on in the Protected Camps… except the Protecteds. It’s a secret that can’t get out. 

Test Subject 318 wants to die. But if she dies, she’s taking him with her… 

This is a short story (20 pages) and originally appeared in The Alien Chronicles anthology.


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