POV by Chris Brosnahan

What I expected:
A dystopian crime thriller. People being targeted for something that changes in their brain as a result of IDRoPS.
What it was:
Well not what I expected. Regular family guy, doing a regular job. Suddenly the rug is pulled from under his feet when his patients start being murdered …. (Avoiding spoilers here). The world is normal but with enhancements and there are still police doing their job and lawyers too.
The twist happens about half-way into the tale. And I didn’t read this particular book in one sitting so I had plenty of time to ponder the finer points of the story and how I thought it would progress and how I considered things would/should be dealt with, if this were a real scenario. It did keep me pondering in the night…
All very fast paced to the end, where the author did go into a spot of He did this / He did that … and I got a bit confused about who was being referred to. But I think I mostly worked it out by reading back and forth a bit.  It was only a couple of pages at most where the person in the readers eye (excuse the subject related pun) was not easily defined. A hurried ending, but not disatisfying at all, in its conclusion.
The story was written by Chris Brosnahan who is the winner of the The Kernel’s 2012 30 Hour Novel Competition, judged by HarperCollins.
There were 3 bonus mini-sketches included at the end of the version I read.

3/5 Stars

I received an e-ARC of this novel through NetGalley.

Official description:-
John Macfarlane is a highly-skilled optometrist. He works with IDRoPs, a solution that allows people to see augmented reality. He lives a quiet life with his wife and daughter, but one day, everything changes.

John discovers that someone is brutally murdering his patients, ripping their eyes out, and slipping away. Who is the killer? And can he stop them before they destroy everything he has worked so hard to build?