Paragon (Fractured Era: Legacy Code #2) by Autumn Kalquist

Tadeo stands before the airlock as the countdown continues.
Zephyr struggles to control her emotions, but should she let them run free?
Tension was in this story from the moment I started ready it, right up to the end. My heart pounded, I exclaimed out loud, I was there.
The characters all seem to have secrets and there is more to discover in this tale.
And now I’ve finished it and have to wait until 2015 to see what happens next. Autumn sure knows how to keep her readers on edge!
I received a review copy in exchange for an honest review. 😉

5/5 Stars

Official description:-
The last humans fled Earth centuries ago, but they’re still no closer to finding their better world. They trade lives for resources on a toxic planet and lose half their unborn children to an ancient genetic defect. Yet the biggest threat to the fleet may be the colonists themselves.

Tadeo Raines, a high-ranking member of the Paragon Guard, has dealt with traitors before. When a new plot endangers the fragile balance in the fleet, he’s tasked with eliminating the threat. Permanently.

But Tadeo has his own secrets: choices he can’t forget, dark memories he can’t escape. And preserving humanity’s hope for the future may depend on Tadeo coming to terms with his past.


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