Defect: Part Two by Autumn Kalquist

This second part of the Defect novella series jumps straight in where the first left off. And Selene is straight away on high alert. The tension doesn’t diminish one iota during the entirety of the book and I feel that I am more tensed up waiting for Part 3 than I was for this one after reading Part 1. I just want more and I’m sure you will too. Go read it!
*I received a free copy in exchange for reviewing this book* – but that doesn’t mean that this review is any less valid – it just means I can’t wait for the next instalment!

5/5 Stars

Official description (from

Selene Hayes and her brother Eli are Protecteds. They’ve been genetically modified for superimmunity, but that gift came with a price: their DNA is defective. The Corporate Coalition banned the program when the truth surfaced and is hunting Protecteds down for experimentation.

Selene and Eli have managed to avoid the Coalition’s grasp, but whispers of another failed program have reached their small southern town, and they’ve been drawn into danger against their will. Now Selene must risk her own freedom if her family is to survive what’s coming…

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