The Examinations Office is busy right now!

During October/November 2012 I am still working on Summer 2012 exams, I have forecast grades and exams to run for November 2012, I am planning January 2013 exams and setting up the Basedata for March and Summer 2013. So I’m currently working on five exam seasons at once.
I am also running weekly (or sometime more often) MidYIS and YELLIS tests for student who wish to join the school mid year. This allows them to be assessed to determine which tutoring sets to place them in.
BTEC registrations have now all been made and I have downloaded all the recent registrations to a spreadsheet so that I can track them all. I am currently preparing the school handbooks for the various BTEC areas so that they are up to date with the most recent regulations issued by Edexcel.
They are not the only documents that I’m updating, I have already created the school examination calendar and posted that to the school website so that parents, students and staff know when all the different exams are. I am still working on a guidance document for students and parents and the most recent version of the Invigilators handbook and training.
I also need to make sure that I am up to speed on all the regulations before Wednesday of this week, when I am host to our local Exam Officers Network meeting and the revised regulations are an agenda item.
Overall, things are quite busy at the moment as you can see. And I haven’t even mentioned the certificates that need checking in and sorting before the Presentation Evening in November.
If you are not an Exams Officer/Exams Manager, but work with one – please treat them with courtesy – they are not just ‘Admin’ staff (no-one is!), they have just as an important to role to do in the school as the next person.



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