Juggling skills – Essential

One thing that all Exams Officers/Managers need to be able to do, is juggling!
Think of all the deadlines that you have coming up, along with all the other tasks you have to do and you will no doubt agree. Here is my list:
8 October = Transferred candidate deadline for November GCSEs
I have a meeting booked with our BTEC Quality Nominee to make sure that we get all our BTEC registrations done on time and correctly
9 October I am interviewing an Invigilator applicant
10 October = Estimated Entries deadline for summer 2013 exams
I am running CABT tests during P1 and P2 and during P3 I am meeting our Head of Science to ensure January GCSE entries are all in order. English and GCE entries signed off already.
After school staff training to attend tonight as well.
12 October = March Basedata is released, so another cycle kicks in to overlay the others

On top of this are the other tasks: create a school exam timetable for the year, check in GCSE certificates and sort them ready for presentation in November, print KS4 school achievement certificates for Head Teacher to issue to current year 10 and 11’s, prepare seating arrangements and book Invigilators for November exams, make entries for January exams, make BTEC registrations, upload new Year 7 photos to MIS, issue various letters / statement of entry lists / exam timetables to students, create various student lists for SLT for monitoring purposes, ensure that for new students starting I have all previous exams data available from previous school, invigilator management (training etc), read JCQ regulations AGAIN because they’ve changed them a great deal again this year.

A long list! Kept deliberately bunched up as a paragraph rather than a list so that it has to be read rather than scanned down quickly. Every EO’s list will be different and mine is actually longer than that, but to type it all wouldn’t have made any difference to the point of this post.
We are all busy and we all have different other roles besides our Exams one, but we still have to meet the deadlines or else!
Or else everything falls to pieces around us!

While you are juggling all your tasks and meetings, make sure that you have rest and relaxation too. The eye fails, the muscle moves too slow to catch the falling ball, all for want of a break, a moment to flex the muscles and stretch them out. I am taking all of half term for my holiday away this year. I have told staff that deadlines are earlier, that I won’t be around to do last minute entries or do last minute tweaks to anything. If they fail to deliver to me, I cannot deliver to the school, the students or to them. I hope they have been listening.

I shall be relaxing and juggling my decision about which book to read next or what tempting tasty morsel to eat!


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