Check out your lumps!

Even after reconstruction such as I’ve had, you need to keep checking your breast for anything that is not normal for you.
My normal has been a bit off kelter recently, but when I found a lump the size of a pea I knew that was not my norm!
Although I had been discharged by my plastic surgeon’s team, I didn’t bother going to my doctor, I phoned my plastic surgeon’s secretary for guidance. She spoke with my surgeon and I was given the choice of travelling through to her hospital or a local appointment. I opted for a local appointment (as when I first ever found a lump, I was still convinced it was nothing to worry about).
My appointment was 0930 on Valentine’s Day and I had made my work aware of my appointment of indeterminate length. My appointment was almost on time, but when I explained my reason for being there I was told I was in the wrong clinic – the follow-up clinic. I needed to be at the new investigations clinic (that’s not what it was called – but I went into stressed-out mode which means I forget everything)! A new appointment was made for me at 1430. Not a good thing when you haven’t told your husband and he is expecting you home for the afternoon!
I had to go home and tell him!
He was fantastic! Scolded me for not telling him in the first place and took me in for my afternoon appointment.
It’s a lot different than it was 11 years ago. It took 6 weeks to find out the results back then! I had a lot of gratitude in me for the swiftness of the feedback, regardless of the result! Which, to save alot of waiting and details here, was benign cycsts (plural). I have to keep an eye on them for any change, but other than that I’m off the hook!
Such a relief! It had taken several hours and OH had had to go home, but all was well.
I walked the few miles into town to clear my head and acknowledge the gratitude of the results. Then caught a bus from town to home and the love it held within.


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