A dramatic day

A dramatic start to the day today! I’m working at the local theatre for two mornings this week. Over one hundred of the school’s students will be performing “The Wedding Singer” from 8 to 11 February in the local theatre “in the round”. To comply with health and safety, the students are all chaperoned by adults during their week in the theatre.
As one of those chaperones I don’t get to see much of the performance, but they all look fabulous in their costumes and sound fantastic. It’s a tribute to the hours of work put in by all the students and staff during the period from auditions at the beginning of the academic year to this final week, the performance.
The parents, staff and friends of the school who volunteer to chaperone during the week are so vital to the Performing Arts department during this week as the production couldn’t go on without them. Having their support means that students can move about the theatre safely and the theatre staff are satisfied that the students are appropriately supervised.
The students benefit by experiencing what it is like to perform in a real theatre environment. They receive the same Health and Safety briefing that professional theatre companies receive, from the theatre’s Stage Manager; they are also expected to behave like professional actors.
Each year the students have received high praise in the local press for their performances,with tickets usually being a sell-out for each performance.
I wish them all the greatest success for this years performance.


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  1. mandy

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    1. Hi Mandy
      Because I live in the UK I received all my treatment through the National Health Service (NHS). I was treated by a surgeon who also does work for private patients, but the standard of service was just the same. I too did not like the idea of any of the muscle transplanting techniques and would not even contemplate a non-autologous implant such as silicon!
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      I am glad my site has been helpful for you.
      All my best wishes

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