Exams office staff need to think about their holidays now

Now it’s coming to the end of the holiday year, it’s worth Exams Office staff thinking about the coming year. Ideally plan out a calendar of key dates, exams and such like so that you know when the busy periods are going to be. Then think around the dates when you are allowed to take holiday, for example in my school we may only take holidays during non-term time (difficult I know, and more expensive as well).
Then using your planner slot in the times when you MAY take holidays and pick the dates that you prefer.
Don’t forget to factor in any days that you are entitled to take as time off in lieu for the time you worked extra during the exams season. Make sure that this is also included in your contract so that you can’t be deprived of time that you worked for nothing. You have a right to be recompensed for your work.
I tend to take holiday the beginning of July as time off in lieu, October, Christmas, and February, along with a few extra days thrown in for relaxation when there is a short break at half term or the like, as holidays.
Make sure that you enjoy yourself, you deserve it – exams work is intense and tiring.


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