Bra fitting Q&A

Bra fitting Q&A
These are questions that have either been asked of me, or occurred to me in the past…
If you have any questions that you think are missing, message me and I’ll add them in.

Q: What happens at a bra fitting?
A: I’ve answered this question in a lot of detail in what to expect for your bra fitting

Q: Will I have to get undressed in front of the bra fitter?
A: Not necessarily, again, see what to expect from your bra fitting

Q: I have a large/small bust, what is the chance of me finding a bra to fit?
A: There are a wide range of bras available that come in a good range of sizes. Anita and Royce offer sizes from ___ to ___.

Q: I have mobility problems and cannot fasten a bra behind me, what other options are there for me?
A: A front fastening bra may well be the best option for you. These come in a range of styles and sizes. Fastening may be by hook and eye, press-stud/popper, or by button. A selection of styles can be seen in front fastening bras

Q: I am very tender under my arms where I have had surgery, won’t a bra chafe me?
A: It is worth you trying a variety of styles to see where they fit to under your arms. A bra in one style may rub on tender areas where another style may cover it completely and be comfortable. Speak to your bra fitter about your concerns, so that they know to look out for this when fitting you.

Q: I have had surgery on my left hand side, so I will only need one cup in my bra pocketing. How will this work for me?
A: Some manufacturers produce bras that are bilaterally pocketed, others may come with either a left or right pocket option. If you desire a bra which does not usually come pocketed, it is always possible to have a pocket added, sometimes by the manufacturer, sometimes by adding a pocket yourself or by getting someone to do it for you. Bras4All will also put a pocket into a bra for you for a small fee.

Q: What if I buy a bra and then find it isn’t comfy for me?
A: Bras4All will exchange a bra as many times as necessary to ensure that you are comfortable with your bra, as long as the bra has not been worn and is returned in the original packaging and is in a condition fit to sell.

Q: I’m worried about the cost, aren’t mastectomy bras more expensive?
A: If you have had a mastectomy or a lumpectomy and you are buying a bra specifically made for ladies who have surgery, you are entitled to receive your bras free of VAT. This is covered under relief from VAT under Group 12 of Section 8 of the Value Added Tax Act 1994.

Q: How much does a fitting cost?
A: This is something that does not have a specific answer as it really does depend on how far your bra fitter has to travel to get to you to do the fitting. Speak to your bra fitter in advance to agree a price that you are both happy with. Also look out for events and special offers where discounted or free fittings may be offered.

Q: How often should I have a fitting?
A: Generally speaking, it’s advisable to get fitted about every 6 months. Also don’t forget that your body fluctuates daily, so you may benefit from a bra extender for the days when your body is a bit fuller!

Q: I have had an LD (latissimus dorsi) flap reconstruction and have a scar on my back. Will the bra strap cover this?
A: Bras vary in style, so you should be able to find something to suit your needs.

Q: I’m waiting to have a reconstruction, is it worth even buying a bra now?
A: Yes, it is always a good idea to get a fitting beforehand to find a bra that you will be comfy with after surgery. You probably won’t feel much like going bra fitting just after surgery!

Q: I’m going in to have my mastectomy/lumpectomy soon, when should I be fitted for a bra?
A: Again, much the same answer as to the previous question, if you get a fitting before your surgery it saves you a lot of effort afterwards. Also, there are post-surgery bras available specifically for the period straight after surgery. These offer gentle support and some also have silver incorporated into the fabric which gives an antibacterial effect and silver also promotes healing. Also, if you want an idea of what to take into hospital with you, you might find what to take into hospital with you interesting

Q: Aren’t mastectomy bras ugly?
A: I don’t think so! There are some really pretty fashion bras available now that come with pockets. And don’t forget, any bra can be pocketed for you, or you can buy pockets to sew in yourself. A very small selection of mastectomy (and lumpectomy/partial mastectomy) bras and clothing can be viewed at mastectomy bras

Q: Where can I have my fitting?
A: You can choose where you have your fitting. Many ladies have theirs at home, but it is not uncommon for some ladies to be fitted at the hospital. You may also decide to have a fitting at an event where your bra lady is doing fittings and showing her bras. Or if you like you can arrange your own bra party and invite some friends along. For a taster take a look at my blot about a bra party

Q: Who do I contact if I have questions?
A: That depends on your question. If you want to know more about your treatment or cancer, it is best to speak to your Breast-care Nurse or Oncology specialist. If it is about bras then feel free to speak to your bra fitter.

Q: Who do I contact if I want a bra fitting?
A: Well, if you live in East or North Yorkshire you can contact me. But if you live in other areas of the country try looking at to find a bra fitter nearby. If you can’t find someone nearby on the website contact T-J to see what other assistance or solutions can be offered.