Teen bras

Working in a school full-time I see young girls of all ages, shapes and sizes. A quick search on the Internet will also tell anyone who wants to know, that young girls are very much affected by the size, shape and development (or not) of their breasts. And as many parents of these young girls do not know how to help them with deciding when to start wearing a bra or how to select an appropriate size and style to ensure health and comfort, they may go through life wearing inappropriate or even unhealthy (for their body) styles or sizes of bra!

Any incidents at this age can affect a young woman for the rest of her life. I have spoken to ladies who have been profoundly affected by comments overheard at the age of 12, who to this day are still living with the memory of how those comment affected them! Such comments can so adversely affect a young woman that her self-esteem can be totally destroyed for life!
It is so important for young women to know that their body is normal and totally unique to them. It doesn’t matter that their friend may be “body beautiful”‘ they too have their own beauty!




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