Basedata downloaded for summer 2012

I downloaded all my basedata in really good time, the only issue I currently have is with AQA Further Mathematics which has a new style gradeset which SIMS needs a patch for, we had the patch but IT Tech upgraded before installing the patch and now the patch doesn’t work! It would help if Capita warned them about these matters!
I’ve got the bulk of the marksheets set up and all is ready for the teaching staff to make their entries for me. Science have me do bespoke mark sheets for them (which I gladly do, as they are always first to get their entries and forecast grades/coursework marks in – so it is worth a tiny bit of extra time) – I’ll be doing these for them at the start of January term.

My biggest gripe is now with Edexcel who have decided to make changes to their entry deadlines without consulting Exams Office staff (at least not to my knowledge). I don’t mind they they have extended the deadline, it’s the fact that they’re the only one and they told everyone! Now my Heads of Department who use Edexcel will want the extra month to make their entries and I want to to submit all AB entries at the same time.
The reasons?
1) I cannot sort out clashes for a extra month
2) I cannot arrange seating for an extra month
3) I cannot confirm invigilator’s for an extra month
4) I cannot send student personal timetables and documents for an extra month
5) I have a whole month less than I normally do to prepare all my exam arrangements.

Let’s hope that my email to the Deputy Head requesting his support for an Exams Office dictated deadline is supported. He knows that I have robust processes in place, so it makes sense to stick with them and discuss how modifications can be made to incorporate any AB changes for the future. I can see that there will be disagreements, but as the change does not require an implementation it should be simple enough to disregard for now, shouldn’t it?


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