Five fears about reconstruction

Having had 2 operations for my breast reconstruction I think I can narrow the list of worries and apprehensions to five key fears:-
There isn’t a specific order to the list, as it changes on my mood and what is foremost in my mind when I think about it.
1) The reconstruction will be a failure and I could end up having gone through surgery and all that it entails with no benefit whatsoever.
2) The procedure will not only be a failure but I will have a worse appearance than before I started.
3) The reconstruction will hide any recurrence of cancer returning and it will not be find in time to deal with it effectively.
4) The procedure will have complications and I will end up with severe health problems (other than cancer related) to live with.
5) I won’t make it through the surgery and I’ll never see those I love again.
After that last one there’s not much else to say! Boo!



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