Bras to accommodate your needs!

Any bra can be pocketed, for a prosthesis, if they do not have them already, at a small additional cost.

I have recently had this Sadie bra pocketed, on one side only, for a lady with a mastectomy. With the pocket in place it is simply a matter of inserting the prosthesis into the pocket before putting the bra on.


This saves having any problems with the prosthesis moving around, riding up and out of the bra or causing comfort problems due to excessive heat and/or moisture build-up.

And remember that it’s not just ladies who have had mastectomies who use a prosthesis, ladies who have had a lumpectomy will also use them and can benefit from pocketed bras.

I for one find a pocketed bra much more comfortable and prefer them to non-pocketed versions.

Don’t forget that your bra should fasten firmly around the band on the loosest hook and eye. Make sure that the straps are not so short that your band rides up your back. If you’re fastening on the tightest hook and eye order the next size down and increase your cup size. For example:
34DD will be 32E
If your bra doesn’t come in DD then:
34D will be 32E

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