Final visit to the oncoplasty clinic

November 1 2011, my final visit to the hospital – Mr S was to come through on the one hour drive to the hospital, but a package we were expecting to be delivered has not arrived, so I drive through on my own. It’s a frustrating drive, due to MOD vehicles slowing the speed of traffic on narrow winding roads and I get to the hospital 2 minutes before my appointment and cannot immediately find a parking place! Parking fee eventually paid I run round to the clinic from a car park further away and gasp my way to reception! Then I wait for three quarters of an hour for my name to be called!!!
I see a Doctor that I have never seen before, who doesn’t introduce himself and who on inspecting me and deciding that as much can has been done as can be, does not offer me anything else to balance me out (I had expected to be offered a reduction on my healthy breast – not that I would have had one – but someone else in my place may have done!)
He advises me that I am discharged – back to my Doctor and to see my GP if anything further needs addressing.
That’s it
The End!



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