About Mr S

As a very private person it’s not easy to write about myself. However, getting someone else to do it for me, makes it a bit easier🙂

Experimental cook, enjoying dabbling in different tastes and texture. Any dish created always has room for improvement and Mister S seeks that improvement at every level. Recipes are written down and edited time and again as enhancements and improvements are added to the script.

Any recipes on this site will always be ‘work in progress’ so it’s worth checking back regularly to see if any additions or amendments have been made.

And as everything is a ‘matter of taste’ you are of course at liberty to make your own changes to the recipes as suits your own tastes 🙂  If you do make any adjustments to the recipes posted here, it would be really good to hear what you did and how successful you thought it was. You never know it may be included in the next iteration of the recipe.

Enjoy these pages, recipes and comments and most importantly – enjoy your food.

But don’t waste any of it!


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