Post reconstruction 3-week follow-up appointment

I went to my 3-week follow-up on 26 July 2011. This time I decided I wasn’t going to over pay on the car parking! I found myself a space and then went into reception and asked for a) change for the meter and b) an idea of how much I should put in the parking ticket machine. I was told to put the minimum in and any time over that would be their responsibility. As I had enough change (give or take 10p) that was not a problem for me.

While I was waiting for my appointment I wrote a bit for one of my blogs, which wasn’t much as I wasn’t waiting long.

I had been hoping that Ms M would see me, as I knew that she advocates wearing “magic pants” for only 3 weeks (don’t forget this is 24/7!). However, I saw Ms B (I don’t know whether she is Miss or Mrs, so I’m erring on the side of caution and using Ms). When I asked Ms B before I left hospital 3 weeks before this appointment about how long I should be wearing them, she categorically said 6 weeks.

Now, in December that wasn’t a problem. But now, in July and August, it’s not so good!

Regardless, I asked the question again. The response was: “It is up to you! However, you do still have some bruising and lumpiness. I recommend that you continue wearing them until both the bruising and lumpiness have gone. Well! That’s the sort of comment that ensures that I wear them for 6 weeks. Who wants to have lumpiness for the rest of their life? So it looks like I’ll be sweaty and uncomfortable for another 3 weeks then!

Ms B was very pleased with the healing of the various wounds on my abdomen and breast when the taping was removed. She advised that the stitches would disappear completely over time.

I did mention that I was aware of more dimpling over my scar than I had seen since my previous operation. Ms B said that she felt that I was too observant and that the overall result was very good, so far. I admit that I have to agree with her. I am very critical of my appearance and perhaps I should relax a little. Nonetheless, there is a small dimple evident when I lean forward!

As I haven’t much fat left on my abdomen, we’re waiting till my 6-month appointment to decide if any further surgery is likely. Personally I think it is the end of the line for me as a) in my opinion I don’t have enough donation fat available for the procedure and b) Mr S really doesn’t want me to put myself through any more surgery. When I mentioned this to Ms B, she did agree that any surgery was a risk and that it should be taken into consideration. We agreed to re-look at things in November when I return for my check-up and see how much fat has been retained in the breast.

Keep your fingers crossed for me, that my breast fat stays put and isn’t reabsorbed back into my body. I’ll let you know what happens in November; unless something else noteworthy happens before! If you have any questions that my blog has raised and think I may be able to answer them from a patients perspective, please let me know and if I can, I will let you know. If I don’t know, I will see if I can point you in the right direction.



6 thoughts on “Post reconstruction 3-week follow-up appointment

  1. Margaret Doherty

    I had Lipomodelling 2 days ago. I found your blog very usefull. I had avery bad experience as all options after a lumpectomy were useless as when lymph nodes were removed they damaged the muscle. I had also had 3 caesarians with a navel to pubic incision, they did offer councelling. This was declined as I new it would not make any difference to how upset I was feeling. After 5 years I read about a surgeon who could do this and contacted him. He was willing to do this and it was arranged. A day before I was due to have the op. Then my hopes were dashed as the surgeon was told he could only do the surgery on patients who had mascectomies. Finally I ..was able to go ahead and I am so happy. Regards Margaret

    1. Margaret
      You have been through so much!
      I am glad that you have finally achieved what you wanted. It will take a while to heal I know that.
      It is so wrong that restrictions are placed on who can have reconstruction, the distress is just the same, the feeling of being incomplete!
      Keep in touch and let me know how you get on. If you are like me, you will start to look for the positives wherever you can find them now 😊
      Love Julie x

    1. Enough fat did stay in the breast, but it’s still not my ideal. However, as a bra fitter I am perfectly aware that MOST ladies have one breast larger than the other. So, as I don’t want to have any surgery on my healthy breast, I am accepting that I have the best outcome possible for me on my reconstructed breast. The important thing is that I no longer have a huge dent where the lump was removed from and that I have more volume than I had previously had.
      Overall I am very satisfied with the outcome. And if I ever feel that I want more I can book an appointment with my breast we nurse to see if it is possible to get a prosthesis to bulk me out.
      I would be happy to say to anyone considering this procedure (if they have done their research and feel that it is definitely for them) go ahead and see a surgeon, make sure that they can do what you want and all the best for a positive outcome for you x

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