Pre-assessment appointment

Well today was my pre-assessment appointment.

The first thing I did when arriving for my pre-assessment was to get lost in the hospital grounds! I ended up parking in one of the many car parks and phoning for directions. I was directed back to the car park by the entrance (I was at the rear of the site!). I also enquired how much time I should allow for the parking fee and was told that £1.50 should be sufficient (good! last time I spent over £5).

Having found myself a space in a shady spot and paid my £1.50 I set about finding “Pre-assessment”. Another failure on my part. I headed for the main reception and got some directions. Again I had to double back on myself. I was parked really close to the building, but it had a side entrance so was particularly difficult to spot! I was still there in plenty of time for my scheduled 9.30am though (and hoping that the 1 hour ticket that I had paid for my parking would be sufficient!).

Last time I had my lipofilling, I didn’t have time to attend a pre-assessment, so this was a first to me. They were very thorough. A whole long list of questions relating to my health and genetic risks, blood pressure, pulse, weight, height, BMI, temperature, the works! Seems I’m quite healthy at the moment – Mrs Normal. I took the opportunity to get some of my questions answered while I was at it too… (see my previous blog)

1. I do have to arrive at 7.30am, so that the anaesthetist can see me. He sees everyone before he goes into surgery for the day.

2. My surgery will be at 8.30am, I am first on the list.

3. It is likely that I will be discharged in the afternoon, but need to be prepared to be discharged the following day if the anaesthesia makes me sleepy. I was also advised that for the first 24 hours following discharge I must not be left alone due to the effects that anaesthesia may have.

4. I should be bringing an overnight bag and any medication that I am taking.

5. I should speak to the anaesthetist regarding pain management.

My remaining questions should be held over till I get the change to speak to the surgeon and anaesthetist on 4 July – so watch this space.

I did go over my 1 hour car parking, but no-one seemed bothered, so I didn’t worry and set off home with a handful of leaflets about the ward, DVT, MRSA and Anaesthesia explained!

I’ll let you know how Monday goes, in due course


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