Things to ask at a pre-op appointment

I’m trying to make sure that I ask all the necessary questions at my pre-op appointment next week. There are questions that I need to ask, which I have already discussed in this blog, such as when it is possible to start exercising after the operation and others probably more important ones.

So, I thought I would list them here and then anyone else who is going through the same treatment might find the list useful:

1. What time do I actually have to arrive (I know the letter says 0730, but I live 40 miles away!)? This leads on to…

2. What time will my surgery be? And…

3. What time will I be released (because my husband wants to hang around to take me home afterwards and if I’m likely to be hours and hours, he needs to know!)?

4. As I am only coming in for day surgery, what should I be bringing with me in terms of ‘luggage’?

5. Last time I struggled with the pain and wonder if I didn’t take the pain killers regularly or long enough. What guidance is there regarding pain management, particularly the deep-seated pain that I experienced in my breast and down my sides (in my muscles?)?

6. I had a bubble form over my original scar, was this bruising coming up to the surface, and can I expect this to happen again next time?

7. The lipo-suctioned and lipo-filled areas were lumpy after the surgery and still sometimes feel ‘hardened’, should I be massaging the areas?

8. What other care activities should I be undertaking of my abdomen (harvest) and breast areas?

9. When may I start exercising again, I’m thinking of yoga/pilates type exercising?

10. Please confirm the length of time to wear the ‘magic pants’, is it 3 weeks?

11. I have continued to have feelings of tenderness and as if a ‘sharp’ protrusion is being pushed into my breast, what are these caused by?

12. I’ve heard that the itchiness, numbness or hypersensitivity caused by lipsuction can be eased by massaging, are you happy for me to do this?

13. Is it permissible to massage the abdomen and breast area to reduce the smarting after the surgery? How soon may I start this?

14. I’ve heard that the treatment is not permanent and that the fat will be reabsorbed back into my body over time, will I have to have top-up procedures? At what intervals?

15. Is there any other advice or guidance that you can give me, please?



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