What to expect from your bra fitting

The myth:

I’m sure many ladies avoid having a bra fitting because they have no idea what really happens during one. I’m guessing that many ladies believe that they will have to stand stripped to the waist while a stranger measures them with a freezing cold tape measure! I can assure you it is NOT like that at all.

The first steps:

Contact me or your local BraLady via the BraLady website and book your appointment.

The introduction:

Your BraLady will make sure that you are comfortable at all times and respect your privacy. Your details will be noted down, along with a record of the bra size you are currently wearing and an indication of your style preferences. She may take a quick measurement over your clothes just to check your measurement and give an indication of your potential size. Based on the information you give your BraLady, she will then select a bra to fit you with.

The fitting:

Depending on where you are having your fitting, you will have access to a private area where you may undress and put on the bra. Once you have the bra on, your BraLady will join you and assess the fit of the bra. She will fine-tune the fit of the bra by adjusting the fastenings and straps and ensure that you have the bra on properly. Your BraLady will check all the key areas: band, cups, straps to ensure that the bra is fitting you correctly. When she is satisfied, you will need to put your own clothes back over the top of the bra to allow you to see how you will look wearing that particular bra.
Your BraLady may decide to offer you different styles and/or different sizes depending how the first bra fits and the feedback that she receives from you. It is therefore very important that you tell her how you feel in the bra, whether it is comfortable, that you like or don’t like it, anything that concerns you should be mentioned.

The goods:

Anita Vanella Post Mastectomy bra
Anita Vanella Post Surgery / Mastectomy Pocketed Bra

Once you have been fitted with a bra that is appropriate for your size and shape, your BraLady will then be able to offer you other bras to try depending on your preferences. Maybe you like to be well covered across your breasts or you prefer a plunging neckline. Your BraLady will help you choose, whatever your requirements. She will then take your order and deliver your bras to you once they arrive. (Your BraLady may have stock of the particular bra or bras that you want to buy, otherwise she will order them from BraLady and will get your bras to you as soon as possible). When you order from BraLady you can be assured that you may exchange garments as often as it takes for you to feel satisfied with the fit (but this is conditional upon goods being returned unworn other than for the purpose of trying them on to check the fit).

The care routine:

A bra is not for life! The oils from your body cause the elastic to deteriorate and the fabric relaxes with washing and wear. You can help it to last a lot longer by hand-washing daily in gentle wash solution to remove the oils and allowing it to dry naturally overnight. No matter how careful you are, you will need to replace it after  6-8 months.

The follow-up:

Ask your BraLady for an appointment in 6-8 months time, or if you prefer ask her to contact you with a reminder nearer the time.

Your BraLady would certainly appreciate your feedback. It is possible to do this in person, or you may like to leave yours on-line (ask your BraLady if you are interested in doing this).


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