Next op on the horizon

I’ve been updating you off and on about how lipofilling is done and what it is like to be on the receiving end.

I am due to go through the procedure again on 4 July 2011, so will need to review what I’ve already been through and determine what extra information I think I will be needing from my pre-op visit on 29 June – which is not that far off now!

I already think I need to check about the state the transferred fat takes on over time. I’m finding that it feels hardened from time to time and I need to warm my breast with my hands and massage the breast to get some suppleness back into the fat. Associated with this, it feels lumpy sometimes as well, which could be due to the ‘hardening’ effect.

Shape-wise the breast looks good still, with just a little of the original dimpling on the scar (which is on the uppermost part of my breast) returning. Again, I hope that the second operation will sort this out for me. I still need a lot more volume in the breast to get it to balance with my left one though.

At one point I was getting a sharp ‘pricking’ sensation as if a sharp implement was being pushed into the breast – that has passed now, but I think it’s worth mentioning (if I remember – my mind still goes blank when I walk into a hospital!)

If anyone reading this has had similar experiences that they would like to share, I’d love to hear them. Maybe we could write the information manual for those yet to recieve lipofilling?


7 thoughts on “Next op on the horizon

  1. Hi Julie
    I’ve recently started getting a sharp stabbing pain in my reconstructed breast or shoulder where they took the muscle for the LD flap, it comes on when I move my arm in a certain way, sounds a bit similar to the pain you describe here. Reassuring to hear that yours passed. Wishing you well.

    1. Hi CLare, Seems strange that it is a pain experienced where surgery has taken place! I wonder if it is to do with the healing? Mine was in a place where a fat necrosis formed, so it may have been the dead tissue. I thing it is still worth you getting your pain checked out. I wouldn’t want you finding it to be something horrible later on! All my best thoughts and love for it healing well for you. Julie x

  2. Elizabeth, I have found it a tremendous boost to my confidence. You may need more than one op to get it ‘just right’. I unfortunately cannot have any more ops as I’ve run out of fat!!! I could do with maybe one or two more transfers, but will have to be happy with things as they are. Still, looking on the bright side, I’m much happier about my body shape now as I’m much less uneven than I was.
    If you want a bra fitting and live in East or North Yorkshire, you’re in my area, if not take a look at to see if there is a BraLady nearer to you. Otherwise quote YO11JSP on to get your order post free (and I’ll get a reward too for referring you). You can also see more information on bras and brafitting at my other blog
    By the way the hardness and bruising will subside. Though if you get any lumps get them checked out, they’ll likely be fat necrosis though. I have a lump currently (found it before Christmas and held on in to the new year to get it checked), my appointment to get it checked is on 14 February πŸ™‚
    Take care, Julie x

  3. Elizabeth Slee

    I had lipomodelling to my left breast on Tuesday – three days ago. Magic pants and double safe sports bra are all in place. I had a lumpectomy in 2009 followed by radiotherapy. Since then I’ve had one horrid scrawny boob as it was also shrunk by radiotherapy and one normal-looking one. My lumpectomy was at the top of my breast, like Julie, and it was always a worry I’d give some poor unsuspecting colleague a scare if I bent over in a particular dress! I’m now really hopeful this will restore my confidence again.
    I’m a mum-of-three with a stressful job and I feel I’ve just ignored the issue for a long time to the detriment of my relationship, by burying myself in work. I have now taken two weeks off, unpaid in order to try to ensure the fat has a better chance of ‘taking’, but also just to give myself some thinking time.
    My breast is hard where the fat has gone in and bruised. It’s also not as full as I would have liked, but a lot better than it was!
    I think I might celebrate with one of your bras Julie!

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  5. Lorrainr Carlisle

    I had a mastectomy and a extended LD flap re-con in Nov 09, i did not have a impact as well but my re-con breast is not as full as my other breast. I have just seen a plastic surgeon and he has suggested lipofil or inplant. i have been searching for information on lipofilling but not finding a great deal so i was glad to see that you had the same problem too. I am still undecided but i hope all goes well with your next op and i will catch up with your newly found page again.
    many thanks


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