Be treated like Royalty

You’ll have seen all the ladies in court in their beautiful outfits watching the lovely couple taking their marriage vows.

You could look as lovely, without it costing you a fortune.

All you need to do is ensure that you wear clothes that fit you properly and have the correct underwear, what used to be known as foundation garments.

Foundation garments is a good description, as these items, bra and pants usually, determine how your upper layers of clothes, your trousers or skirt and your blouse or top will look on you.

You only need to see a before and after picture from a bra fitting to realise that a quality bra, fitted correctly will make a lady look tremendously different in the same outfit.

A bra fitting is not something that needs to worry you, it’s all done very professionally. Your Bra Lady will visit you in your own home and will offer you a selection of bras to try on, for size, style and comfort. You will not need to totally undress in front of anyone for the fitting at all. Your Bra Lady will check the bras she recommends for proper fit, after you have put them on, and advise you accordingly as to style.

If you prefer to have a friend with you at the same time, that will be perfectly acceptable to your Bra Lady. Your friend may wish to have a fitting at the same time, that too is fine.

Once you have been fitted you will be invited to check out your new look with your regular clothes on over the correctly fitted bra. I’m sure that you will see a difference and understand why foundation garments are what Royals and Celebrities are hiding under their beautiful clothes.

If you live in North/East Yorkshire and wish to arrange a bra fitting, please contact me



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