Inwards and outwards thinking

I’ve been a tad unwell for a number of weeks now and have managed to pass the virus on to my husband! We’ve strived to continue varying our walks for walking Impi (the border terrier). It was on one of these walks that I pondered what I’ve come to think as “inward” thinking and “outward” thinking.
We were walking through a particularly lovely patch of woodland, not too far from where we live and I was gazing around at the trees and the greenery. All the trees are starting the process of, or have just finished, flushing their leaves and after winter its very pleasing to walk through and soak up all the green light.
I thought about how I could be walking through all this loveliness and miss it all due to being inwardly focused on how rubbish I was feeling. Thinking about my headache, my aching limbs, my painful lungs, my sore sinuses and how absolutely tired out I was!
Or I could focus outwards on the beauty around me, the trees, the ferns, the sound of the sea to my right, the chance I might be lucky enough to glimpse sight of a deer. And of course the pleasure of being out with Mr S and Impi.
Having thought all that through and it probably took to longer to read it than it did for me to think it, I decided that on this day, I was going to be “outward thinking”. And I felt so much better for it too.
If you were ill, where would you like to go to do your outward thinking?
And, how can we help those too ill to go somewhere to enjoy some “outward thinking”?


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