Why I became a Bra Lady

I am available to fit bras, for ladies who choose to wear non-underwired (known as soft cup) bras, or post-surgery bras (for ladies who have had a lumpectomy or mastectomy).

I now have pocketed bras for my prosthesis to fit into. It makes a much more comfortable wear, believe me! (those ladies who wear a prosthesis fitted into a normal bra will know the drawbacks without me having to cite them here,I’m sure).

My full story of my cancer journey is documented on my personal blog, along with my recent launch into my reconstruction, which is still in progress.

If I had known in 2000, what I now know; I would have had a prosthesis straight away (instead of waiting 9 years) and I would have been wearing post surgery bras from the outset. More importantly I would have been fitted for my bras every time I purchased a new bra, as the human body changes its shape so much and bras all fit so differently, it is vital to have the two (body and bra) matched properly.

I think that you’ll read in my personal blog how depressing I found buying lingerie and other clothing over the years. I feel very differently now. The journey has been a long one and maybe it was one I had to take so that I could use my experience to help other ladies.

The day I emailed T-J, owner of Bras4All was a turning point for me. It set me on the road to taking my bra fitting training and setting up my own business as a Bra Lady, an agent for Bras4All. I have my stock now and ladies booked for fittings and bra parties, I shall be fitting bras alongside another Bra Lady and T-J at the Baby Show at the NEC in May 2011. I couldn’t feel more positive.

If you want to arrange a bra fitting please do contact me, I fit ladies in the North and East Yorkshire area. If you don’t live in my area I may be able to travel further to get to you or there are other Bra Ladies who can help you if you live even further afield.

I look forward to meeting you or of hearing your experiences and feedback. Take care of yourself and love your body.

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