Did you think I had left you?

I haven’t kept you updated on the breast reconstruction, as I had promised. The reason will be come clear as you read this blog.

About the same time that I was put on the waiting list for the reconstruction I took it into my head to make enquiries about a new business venture. I decided to become a Bra Lady and managed to get myself booked on some training.

The training was originally due to take place on Sunday 28 November, the day before I was due to have my reconstruction. However! The foul weather took a hand and I agreed with my trainer to defer my training to another date, so as to avoid getting stuck on the other side of the country and missing my recon.

I have joined Bras4All as a Bra Lady fitting bras for ladies who have had surgery for breast cancer, as well as ladies who require soft cup bras.

The reason?

I had cancer in 2000 and in the intervening 10 years I’ve not had a bra that fits me properly. It’s my own fault, I know. I could have gone to M&S or somewhere similar and had a bra fitting. But I couldn’t bring myself to do it. So, I continued going into stores and picking a bra that I thought would fit me, paying at the counter and dashing out with my purchase in a state of turmoil.

I knew of Bras4Mums and how they provided a service for pregnant ladies and nursing mums. I contacted them and asked if they included post surgery ladies in their clientele and could I become a Bra Lady for them, if they did. Bras4Mums is the sister company to Bras4All and I was pleased to be able to join them.

Now my mission is to make sure that ladies who live in my area don’t have to experience the same misery that I had to endure (I know, my own fault for not doing something about it, but sometimes it is hard to do the right thing).

I have a Bra Lady blog http://bit.ly/bra-lady which gives information about my bra fitting service, the bra’s I fit with and other useful information. You can visit the Bra Lady website and view my page along with the other Bra Lady pages http://bit.ly/bra-lady-nthyorks and you can visit my Facebook page http://on.fb.me/bra-lady-fb

I hope you find the information interesting, helpful and maybe even inspiring.

And if you want a bra fitting, contact me; or one of the other bra ladies working across the country (if you are not in my area).

UPDATE: BraLady now has a new logo, so if you see the logo below, you can be sure that it is a BraLady, possibly me!


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