Those unwanted phone calls!

I’ve been getting a lot of phone calls recently, both at home and on my mobile. Now I can understand getting them on my mobile, as I use it for everything, work, home and generally keeping in contact. But my home phone number! I give that to no-one. I just don’t use it, it’s for one or two family members only. So how do these people get my home number? I’m on Telephone Preference Service (TPS) and checked it recently to make sure that it is up to date.

I’ve gotten so fed up of these calls, that I’ve started answering them. And when I do I find ways of making the situation entertaining. The latest techniques that I’ve employed have been talking to the operative using a dog’s toy. Every time the operative asks a question, I squeak the toy. In fact, I think the operative who phoned on Saturday found it entertaining as well, because I’m sure that he put the call onto loudspeaker mode. The office could be heard falling about laughing in the background and he certainly strung the call out as long as he could.

Since then I had another call, which I had someone else answer for me. They held the whole conversation in Welsh, which was difficult for the English-speaking operative at the other end. Eventually he gave up, saying “I do believe that you are not speaking English, good-bye”.

This has proved a much less stressful approach to dealing with these nuisance phone calls. In fact they are entertaining now.


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