Six weeks after lipofilling reconstruction…

I never made it to my 3 week appointment. I’d caught a viral infection, so had to reschedule. The earliest I could get a replacement appointment was at 6 weeks post-op (11 Jan 11).

I left work early and toddled through to Hospital to pay the highly inflated parking charges for the afternoon. I didn’t have long to wait in the reception area, even though I was very early.

My surgeon took a good look at my breasts. Originally the reconstructed breast had been very swollen after the surgery and I thought it was going to be much too large. The swelling had reduced and as predicted, the breast had also lost some of the injected fat due to reabsorption. Ms M thought that it was a good result, but also thought that a further procedure was required, so put me back onto the waiting list (which currently stands at 6 months). When the time comes, her secretary will juggle dates to suit my needs to fit in with work.

I did ask a question or two, but as this procedure is still in its early stages, there is no literature available for patients. So what I have gleaned comes from verbal information and the internet. I’ll share it with you as I come across it.

I did raise the fact that my waist is extremely sensitive still, even after 6 weeks; this was apparently due to the lipsuction procedure. More later on what the internet says about this sensitivity. I did forget to raise the matter of the sensitivity in my breast, as at the time it was not bothering me! Though I would add that I do still find it difficult when sleeping, as I do have a tendency to sleep on my front sometimes. It is at these times, when all my body weight is on my front, that I find I suffer a little from tenderness of my reconstructed breast still.

The lumpy bubble over my scar on my reconstructed breast disipated before I went back for my 6 week appointment, so I saw no point in raising the matter. The scar was looking good and better than it has ever been.

The lumpiness in the breast has smoothed out over time also and it feels so much more like a regular breast πŸ™‚

I forgot to ask about when I could resume exercise. Not that it mattered, as I’d started doing what I felt I could, anyway. However, I mentioned that I had stopped wearing my ‘magic pants’ each night for the week previous and had only been wearing them during the day. I’d found it too much to wear them 24/7! Ms M was not impressed that I’d been told to wear them continuously for 6 weeks, her recommended timescale is 3 weeks. Hmph! She intends to have words with her junior colleague and the ward staff.


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