Five sites I like

It’s not often that I feel the urge to say how good something is, just out of the blue. But today I thought I might tell you about 5 places from which I have bought some quality items.

1. Sheepland – I have a pair of sheepskin slippers and a pair of sheepskin boots (similar to UGG boots, but much better in my opinion). The slippers are the traditional sheepskin booties with a firm sole, handmade in Somerset. The boots are so comfy and warm, but sadly now discontinued. Though you can get a different style from the same site. I recommend a look.

2. Nightie Night – sells  cotton nightwear which is so comfortable to wear, you just wouldn’t believe. I have a  Victorian style nightie which I bought last November and have worn a lot over this cold winter. The percale cotton it is made from is really warm and it washes wonderfully. It came packed in a lovely muslin back complete with mother of pearl buttons.

3. is predominantly a photography store based in the Channel Islands. But they also sell all sorts of other useful items, such as memory cards and batteries. I’ve bought a number of things from them over the last few years and keep returning due to the low costs. They are also on eBay if you prefer to shop via paypal. The most recent item I bought was a capless 8Gb usb flash key.

4. Amazon – I shop here quite often. Sadly the last couple of items bought have been a bit boring, but seeing as I’m being honest… items for maintaining a greenhouse in good repair were bought from a seller named Greenhouse Warehouse! Other than that, I’ve bought a lot of items on Amazon, including my current walking boots, which are sooo comfortable I will most likely get the same style again, when I come to replace them. I even have the Grisport Dartmoor shoe which is the cut down version of the boots.

5. Ebay, of course. Couldn’t exclude that from the list could I. I’ve not been buying from ebay for long, only a few months. Having said that I have found some good items at excellent prices, so it does deserve it’s place in the list. Last things I bought were a dog crate, wheel chocks and some dog chews (as recommended by my vet).

Having gone through all these websites, I think I’ll do my wishlist next blog perhaps. See if it prompts any ideas from anyone!


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