Five facts about MY lipofilling breast reconstruction…

It’s now two weeks since the surgical procedure. I’m feeling really good overall and judging by the reactions of colleagues on my short visit into work on Monday, I’m looking well, too.
These five facts are points that others may, or may not, have also experienced:
1. Deep-seated pain remains, in both my reconstructed breast and the harvest areas down my sides. I ponder this and wonder if the muscles either side of my waist are bruised.
2. A lump (bubble) is looking like it is developing over my original lumpectomy scar. Might be bruising coming up to the surface.
3. The areas where fat has either been removed or deposited is now lumpy. I don’t know at this time whether it will smooth out eventually, it not visible – just noticeable to the touch.
4. The shape of the reconstruction is still very good. I know that this ultimately depends on what it was like to start with, but I admit I did have moments when I imagined something out of an old horror movie being my lot.
5. I haven’t done an ‘official’ excercise and my body is starting to need it again. Ideally, I’d like to be able to start my Yoga/Pilates again, but unsure about the impact on my ‘core’.
I will be attending my 3 week follow-up clinic on Tuesday 21 December, so I’ll check these out then!
Meanwhile, I have some quality time scheduled at my Dads home, before Christmas.


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