Origins and meanings of words – December 2010

This last month I found the following sound-alike words of interest:-

Seed vs Cede
The meaning of seed being, the offspring of a plant; while the meaning of cede is to surrender to another

Break vs Brake
The meaning of break being, to smash into pieces or destroy something; while the meaning of brake is to slow or stop something

Kernel vs Colonel
The meaning of kernel being, The soft insides of fruit within a shell or seed-case; while the meaning of colonel is a rank within the armed forces of some nations

Heart vs Hart
The meaning of heart being, an organ which pump blood around a body (at it’s simplest); while the meaning of hart is a male deer

Cue vs Queue
The meaning of cue being, something which prompts a response; while the meaning of queue is a line of people waiting their turn

Which vs Witch
The meaning of which being, what one?; while the meaning of witch isa person alledge to practice magic

Leak vs Leek
The meaning of leak being, an unintended opening through which something escapes; while the meaning of leek is a plant of the onion family

Flour vs Flower
The meaning of flour being, the finely ground meal of grain; while the meaning of flower is the blossom of a plant

If you want to identify more homophones, try this website:-

The Homophone Machine

Try typing in “I cede all books to you”

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