So, how do I look…

The bruising has had a bit of time to settle down and subside a little now, so…

I gave Mr S the grand unveiling today. He’s not seen me completely in the buff since I came home (thank the magic pants for that!). I was really pleased by his response to the reconstruction, amused by his reaction to the still horrendous bruising. I guess when it’s something you’re living with yourself, you just get on with it.

When I told him that this was the potential first of two or three procedures, he was aghast. As you can tell, we’ve not discussed this. I decided that I wanted it done and Mr S accepted that. It’s something I needed to have done, for my sake. I couldn’t go out and buy underwear, I ended up walking away and depressed!

Miss M has done an excellent job of the lipofilling. My cancer was on the top of my breast and she has filled the very noticeable dent in my flesh extremely well, along with general filling to the whole breast. Later on, I’ll give more details on the procedure as it was explained to me (for those who may be considering going through this themselves). The breast is now very full (probably the bruising and swelling), so it’s quite uncomfortable and if I forget the painkillers, painful. I am fully aware that up to 25% (I think that’s the figure) of the fat will be re-absorbed by the body, so it will subside somewhat (hence the need for repeat procedures).

Fortunately I am able to rest and recover, as the Hospital issued me with a Statement of Fitness for Work (what used to be a sick note), informing me that I was not fit for work for 2 weeks. So I don’t have to risk anyone knocking my bruised and swollen body, nor work through pain and tiredness.


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