Wondering how it will look…

The nurses came to gown me up at 15:35 and I walked down to the prep room to theatre where I met my aneasthetist (Dr P) who according to one of my nurses is the best, due to him monitoring brain waves for pain and administering accordingly. I certainly found it to be a reasonably comfortable experience.

At 1725 I was roused from dreams of pastures and sheep! I couldn’t focus my eyes to start with and my legs felt strange, as if they were alternating between cramping and releasing. After a while I realised that it was pressure wraps being inflated and released on each of my legs, to prevent embolisms. I was given paracetamol via IV to help with the pain, but when it became evident that it wasn’t working I was given morphine, ondansetron (anti emetic, that means anti nausea) and cyclizine (anti nausea, vomiting and dizziness) as well. Because I was cold, they covered me in heated blankets – lovely.

Much later a nurse injected Dalteparin into my thigh, because my abdomen (where it was supposed to be administered) was not accessible due to the very rubbery elastic-like wrappings there. Dalteparin is used to thin the blood to prevent DVT occuring.

Dr P visited me in the morning to check how I was. Which I thought was extremely nice of him.

The next morning I also had a visit from the surgeon (Miss M) who was happy with the results and advised me to keep the tapes in place until my clinic visit in 3 weeks time (when they would be removed). The rubberised elastic-like wrappings were peeled off me (ow!) and I was told that I needed to start wearing my magic pants.

And then time for me to return home … Yes?


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