The transformation begins…

I feel like a caterpiller, also mildly excited and a bit nervous.
I’ve survived the journey from home to the hospital. There were three road closures en-route due to the severe weather conditions, I guess. I was due on the ward at 1100, but it was gone 1120 before I arrived. They understood, under the circumstances.
I’ve been settled into my room, given all my personal information and been wrist-tagged (red wristband, due to allergies). I’ve also been marked up for the procedure in readiness.
Meanwhile I’ve been playing two new apps which I downloaded to my phone this morning: SP Brain Evolution and Angry Birds (hwhich I had said that I wouldn’t cave in and get during a conversation last week!) It’s 13.45 and the hunger pangs are slowly ramping up in their insistence now. I hope it won’t be too much longer.
While I wait, then; this is what’s going to happen:
A rod will be used to harvest fat from my abdomen, once enough is gathered (twice as much as will be used), it will be put into phials and spun to separate all the constituent parts. The gunk will go to the bottom and a syringe will be used to gather the quality cells from the top. This is what will be injected into my breast to reconstruct it. They will put in as much as they can (about 180g I think was mentioned), but the skin will only accommodate so much before it starts to leak back out of the insertion holes.
It may well be necessary (read: highly likely) to have the procedure repeated a couple or so times to get sufficient increase in the breast size. This is because the skin will only stretch a certain amount to accommodate the increased volume.
Post-surgery I will need to wear “Magic Pants” to compress the abdomen. This is to stop my body increasing the amount of fluid to the area and keeping any swelling to a minimum! Glad I bought my magic pants while there was an offer on, as (in my opinion) they are quite expensive.
A very nice lady has just visited my room to explain the dinner arrangements to me! I will get fed when I’m back from theatre and there will be a choice. I’m looking forward to it already, but I wonder if I’ll feel the same hunger later.


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